The Riddles Of Existence


A costume is a sort of visual riddle — especially on Mardi Gras, when the imagination runs wild. “What are you supposed to be?” one asks the mysterious apparition, walking toward you in the street.

Inspired by costume designs of the golden age of Mardi Gras, The Riddles of Existence is a kind of modern reinvention of Tarot Cards. But these cards are not for predicting the future — they are for having fun now!

The Riddles of Existence are an oversized deck of cards, each with a figure wearing a costume. Beneath the illustration, there is a riddle in verse. The costume is the answer, or a hint at the answer, of the riddle.

It’s a game any number can play. You can have fun alone or even better, with friends.

Turn up a card. Read the riddle. Contemplate the costume. Who can guess the answer?

The Riddles of Existence
Written and illustrated by Dalt Wonk
5 ½ x 8 ½ inches
Boxed set of 53 playing cards
50 full color illustrations
Published by Luna Press 2013
Printed by Oddi Printing Corporation
ISBN 978-0-9896095-2-4