French Quarter Fables Vol. I


Little animals wearing clothes. Hard to resist in their bittersweet comic struggles.

These fables are, in a sense, Dalt Wonk’s love letter to the French Quarter — his home for over 40 years. The animals, flowers, and insects are almost all Quarter denizens: a frog in his courtyard lily pond, a rat in the stone riprap on the levee and a roach in the kitchen of a restaurant. They call to mind people you know. Difficulties you’ve faced.

A few fables tell stories of exotic animals (like a seal or a hippo) in far-away lands. But all were written in the French Quarter and inspired by its singular, suggestive atmosphere.

Fables are one of the most ancient ways of talking about life. French Quarter Fables shows how fresh, original and entertaining they still can be.

French Quarter Fables: Volume I
Written and illustrated by Dalt Wonk
10 x 12 ¼ inches, 110 pages
36 full color illustrations
Cover: softcover, foil stamped
Binding: Otabind
Paper: 115 gr Munken Print
Published by Luna Press 2014
Printed by Oddi Printing Company
ISBN 978-0-9896095-3-1