Inventing Reality

“I honestly cannot imagine a stronger collection of photographs coming out of any other city.”
— John Wood, Editor 21st Editions. New Orleans Art Insider
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LUNA Press is proud to present Inventing Reality, an anthology highlighting the work of twenty-seven contemporary New Orleans photographers. The collection, curated by D. Eric Bookhardt, presents a vision that is both subjective and representative of a broad spectrum of techniques, providing an overview into the creative renaissance that is taking place in the city today. “In photography, this city and the surrounding region have long been a spawning grounds for visionary or magic realist imagery dating to Clarence John Laughlin’s surrealist works of the 1930s,” writes Bookhardt. “Today a coterie of younger emerging artists, often reflecting alternative socio-cultural milieus, have – in concert with their more established peers – expanded this visionary vocabulary.” Bookhardt’s insightful essay details the rich history of photographic arts in New Orleans, and his individual introductions to each photographer’s series provide context for the works of 2013 Guggenheim Fellow Deborah Luster, David Halliday, Josephine Sacabo, and Louviere+Vanessa, among other established and emerging artists. The array of photographic practices used by the artists ranges from wet-plate collodions, orotones, photogravures, x-rays, and silver gelatins, to modern digital processes. The resulting anthology is a lyrical insight into personal visions, dazzling in their variety of approaches. As Russell Lord notes in the book’s foreword: “It is a story about identity, tension, perception and the psychic mystery of photography in New Orleans.”
Inventing Reality: New Orleans Visionary Photography
Various Photographers
Author & Curator: D. Eric Bookhardt
Foreword by Russell Lord8 ½ x 11 inches, 136 pages
95 photographs
Cover: softcover, foil stamped
Binding: Otabind
Paper: 170 gr UPM finesse plus varnish

Published by Luna Press 2013
Printed by Oddi Printing Corporation
ISBN 978-0-9896095-0-0


Akasha Rabut
Ann Marye George
Bruce Schultz (Kevin Kline & Bruce Schultz)
David C. Halliday
Deborah Luster
Dinah DiNova
E Paul Julien (E2 – Kleinveld & Julien)
Elizabeth Kleinveld (E2 – Kleinveld & Julien)
Elizabeth Shannon
Euphus Ruth
Frank Relle
Gus Bennett, Jr.
Jennifer Shaw
Josephine Sacabo
Judy Sherrod (S. Gayle Stevens & Judy Sherrod)
Kevin Kline (Kevin Kline & Bruce Schultz
Lee Deigaard
Lisette de Boisblanc
Meg Turner
Michel Varisco
Nicola Krebill
S. Gayle Stevens (S. Gayle Stevens & Judy Sherrod)
Sandra Russell Clark
Victoria Ryan
Wallace Merritt

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