French Quarter Fables Vol. II

“Sublime … Wonk’s admiration for the people, the predicaments, and the pleasures and perils of life in this fabulous city is visibly expressed on every page.”
— Benjamin Morris, Pelican Bomb
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French Quarter Fables Volume I sold like hot cakes. So, there was nothing to do but issue a second volume. French Quarter Fables Volume II is a totally new collection of delightful tales! It doesn’t matter which volume you start with. Once you have one, you’ll want the other. They’re habit-forming!

French Quarter Fables: Volume II
Written and illustrated by Dalt Wonk
10 x 12 ¼ inches, 115 pages
38 full color illustrations
Foil stamped, softcover
Binding: Otabind
Paper: 115 gr Munken Print
Published by Luna Press 2015
Printed by Oddi Printing Company
ISBN 978-0-9896095-4-8
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