El Mundo Inalcanzable de Susana San Juan

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El Mundo Inalcanzable de Susana San Juan is a luxury edition of 7 signed and numbered books entirely handcrafted, from the binding to the hand-pulled photogravure images printed on Japanese Mura Udaban paper. Each book is foiled stamped and presented in a clamshell box designed and built by Sarah Smith of Stock Pile. El Mundo features 47 original gravures images.

El Mundo Inalcanzable de Susana San Juan is a series of photographs based on the Mexican novel Pedro Páramo, a tragic myth of Mexico, by Juan Rulfo. The setting is a town in ruins; the characters, souls wandering in it, doing penance, telling their stories.

These photographs are my attempt to depict this world as seen through the eyes of its tragic heroine. It is my homage in images to Mexico, to Juan Rulfo and to Susana San Juans everywhere who will not be possessed.”

— Josephine Sacabo

El Mundo Inalcanzable de Susana San Juan
Photographs by Josephine Sacabo
Text by Juan Rulfo
Prologue by Elena Poniatowska

Signed & numbered limited edition of 7
Page size: 12 x 16 inches
Open size: 24 x 16 inches
130 pages, 43 single-page photogravures, 2 double-page photogravure foldouts, 2 triple-page photogravure fold-outs
Cover/enclosure: foil-stamped hardcover and clamshell box
Binding: signature sewn, tipped into spine edge
Paper: Japanese Mura Udaban paper

Design by Jacqueline Miro and Madelyn Owens
Photogravures printed by Jennifer Shaw and Meg Turner
Hardbound by Sarah Smith, Stock Pile, Brooklyn, NY
Letterpress executed by John Fitzgerald
Published by Luna Press 2023

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